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World' s First and Only Live History and Diaroma Museum HİSART Opened in Istanbul

The world's first and only Live History and Diorama Museum, Hisart, meets history and art lovers with a brand new museology concept and makes its visitors travel in time. A diorama is the modeling of a real or fictional event, moment or story in three dimensions with the help of light games.

The museum, which was established by the restoration of the Çuhadaroğlu Group of Companies' building in Hürriyet Mahallesi in Çağlayan-Istanbul,  which has no other examples in the world, offers visuals such as paintings, engravings and photographs that depict historical events, as well as dioramas in different scales (3D modeling) and life-size mannequins. It is possible to see both period clothes and military equipment together. The museum consists of an exhibition area of ​​1,500 square meters, spreading over 6 floors and includes artifacts from many civilizations and events such as the Seljuk State, the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the War of Independence.

The museum, which is called as “the museum with the most extensive diorama collection in the world”, has the facial expression details of the dioramas and mannequinswere made by Nejat Çuhadaroğlu personally. The topics of the dioramas in the museum are not limited to historical persons or events. In addition to the favorite heroes of the fantasy world, many interesting dioramas such as Vikings, Indians, Indiana Jones and pirates are also exhibited.